December 20, 2013

Easy to Peel Boiled Eggs

This post may seem silly to some but to those who love boiled eggs, get ready to have your day made!!


My kids LOVE hard boiled eggs.  They make a great healthy snack and since we have our own laying hens, the eggs around here are never in short supply.  I like to keep at least 6 boiled eggs on hand at all times.


The only problem is peeling the damn things.  Admittedly, I have even thrown an entire egg in the trash simply because peeling it was pissing me off so badly. (Perhaps a sign I need anger management?)


I’ve read all the posts on Pinterest about baking the eggs, aging the eggs, adding vinegar (stinky), boiling them for exactly 3 minutes with your eyes closed while humming Yankee doodle… (that last one may be made up)


You get the idea.  I am here to solve all you egg problems.  {Because I am assuming you don’t have a life (like me) and egg problems top the list of important problems right now}


The secret: BAKING SODA!!

Put eggs in your pot, fill with water, add a tablespoon of baking soda, bring to a boil, forget about it until you hear the lid rattling because of the bubbles, curse your bad memory, remove from heat and let cool.



If you want them to be REALLY easy to peel, I suggest peeling them under cold water. 


Maybe you already knew this. If so, why the heck didn't you tell ME????


Raise your hand if you are thinking about making deviled eggs for Christmas now.


You’re welcome.



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  1. I will be trying this tip this year. I have been assigned to bring deviled eggs to my family's Christmas Eve celebration. I will probably be peeling 36 eggs and I will try anything to make the eggs peel easier.