June 22, 2010

My little swimmer- 3 months old !!

Look who's 3 Months old today!!!

Tanner had his first dip in the pool today and seemed to have a really good time. (Don't let the pictures fool you- As soon as I put down my camera and jumped in with him he was smiling and cooing) After we got out I undressed him and let him lay naked on his towel in the shade. He LOVED that and was smiling and laughing. Looks like he is quite a little exhibitionist already :)


  1. Is that the suit I got him?! It's so cute! Glad he likes the water!

  2. Yep, it was the one from you. Little chunk will need a size up before FL though because his belly does not stay contained by the "trim" fit of the scuba shirt :) It looks VERY cute on him though.