June 4, 2010

Busy being a mom

I think this is the longest I have gone without a post for quite a while. I guess I have just been busy with...well...life. Had a great Memorial Day weekend at the lake. The hot, sunny weather definitely helped. Saturday was one of those days where I just put my lawn chair in the lake and RELAXED!! Paul was sunburned from picking rocks the week before so he and Tanner sat in the shade. This week it was back to the grind and routine that Tanner is getting more and more accustomed too. He is such a mellow guy and is sleeps a good 5-7 hour chunk every night for us.

I think Tanner is becoming quite the Mama's boy though. He will fuss for others (even Paul) then smile and be perfectly calm the moment I pick him up. I don't mind though, because before long I know he will be following Paul and trying to emulate all the "manly" stuff Daddy does. He can stay my little mama's boy as long as he wants. Here's a picture I took of him in the bath the other day. He LOVES it. We plop him in the tub even when he's crabby and even a frown turns to this in no time!!

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