June 7, 2010

Yard work, yard work, and more yard work

Ok, so here is the view out my patio door into my back yard. I wish I would have taken pictures a year ago when we moved in because it didn't look nearly as nice as it does now. We live on a small lot in town 50x150 but we make the most of it and have awesome neighbors so it works for us. I took some pictures yesterday of the work we did. First off..notice the pool. It's nothing fancy but sure will be nice to have when these hot Minnesota summers strike down here SW farm country. Plus it was FREE!! Along with enough chemicals to get it up and running. Anyone who know Paul and me knows we LOVE free!

Notice the pretty little rock circle around the pool? Even though we live in one of the FLATTEST regions in the country, our yard seem to be very uneven so some sand and field rock border do the trick just fine. And again the price is right...FREE!

Next onto or lovely lilac bush which was a weed, prickly bush collecting machine. I don't know how many handfuls of weeds and debris I cleared out from under here before digging it up, putting in edging (Well, Paul did that), planting flowers and adding mulch. It looks so much better I can't even believe it. It looks like someone actually lives here now and cares about the yard.

Last but not least is my pride and joy..(well besides Tanner). It's my garden!!! Look how lovely and almost completely weed free it is! It took Paul and I a good couple hours to get it to look so pristene. I can't wait for the veggies to start coming in so I can start canning and making baby food for Tanner.

I also took a bunch of "before" pictures of the exterior of our house so that we can do a comparison when we are all done painting and landscaping. I would post them now but the peeling paint and dug up front yard might lose the dramatice effect if not pair with a hopefully amazing "after" pic. Stay posted for house updates...We are a busy crew around here!!

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