June 14, 2010

Small Town Livin

My blogs have been fewer and further in between lately for multiple reasons, including but not limited to the following: it's summer and I am outside WAY more, we have LOTS of house projects going on around here, Tanner isn't much of a napper- he will sleep TONS at night but sneaks only catnaps during the day, and my life just doesn't seem to be very blog-tastic lately. I am just living life in my small town and forming quite the routine which is cozy and nice for Paul, Tanner and me but to my followers probably nothing too exciting.

We did end up going on an impromtu day trip to East Bethel/Oak Grove/St Francis yesterday. My cousin Ashley graduated last week and had her grad party. We were planning on staying home adn starting to work on the house but decided that it was a better idea to go help Ashley celebrate. YAY ASHLEY!! She will be attending Bemidji State in the fall. While we were in the area, we decided to go check out the St Francis Pioneer Days fireworks. They were pretty awesome and I tried to get some pictures. Of course Tanner slept through most of them, even the BIG booms. He only started stirring a little during the extreme grand finale. Overall I was VERY impressed with the display. Nice work Franny town.

Tanner's first fireworks experience.

Also as part of our trip to the northern burbs, we recruited an employee to help with the scraping, priming and painting of our house, my 16 yr old cousin Jake,. Unfortunately it is supposed to be rainy AGAIN this week but I am sure we will still find plenty to keep him busy. I can't WAIT to see what it looks like all painted. Our goal is to have it all done before Fun Days (our town summer festival) Jully 7-11.

One interesting thing that did happen this week was that Paul went to a friend's house on Fri night for a bon fire. While he was there he met a guy named Aaron that I just happened to ride the bus with in elementary school and graduate with. Aaron was down visiting some college friends who live a couple towns over and happened to end up at a party that just happened to be 2 blocks from where I live in good ol' Danube. He and Paul got to talking and realized the connection. I love random stuff like this. Just proves that we are all way more connected than we may realize. Just one more reason to treat people well, even strangers, you never know how you might be connected.

I am attempting to take Tanner's 3 month pictures this week too so stay tuned!!

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