April 8, 2011

Going out tonight

Hey all, just writing because I am going out tonight!!!  WHAT?!?!  Weird I know….This dang winter and pregnancy has kept me down and out long enough..Time for a night out with my LOVELY sister Sadie :)  No kids, no curfew, just us and the big city (yep..heading to my old stompin’ grounds in Minneapolis)  Of course, since I am nearly 7 months pregnant it won’t be a “throwback” Heidi wild time BUT I am looking forward to grabbing some late night appetizers, some virgin cocktails and enjoying the company of my sister and friends.  Also, a big THANK YOU THANK YOU to my husband and mom who encouraged me to take the time to myself and go do something fun.  It’s hard to remember to do that sometimes in the crazy world of Mommyhood.  Happy FRIDAY!!!  Hope you are doing something fun too!!


Oh yah..almost forgot..to top off my fun time I am hitting up a MAJOR garage sale tomorrow @ St Francis Elementary.  Time to get some baby clothes for Deuce…I have had the sudden realization that if this baby comes out and happens to be a girl, I really don’t have anything.  SO I am going to spend a few bucks on some garage sale clothes and if I don’t use them I have 4 girlfriends who are due after me and ALL having girls :)  And although I do have boy clothes that I used with Tanner, there’s nothing from stopping me from picking some cute summer stuff if Deuce is a little man :)  I just love baby clothes!!  I am in the mood to SHOP!!!

Have a good weekend!!

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