April 14, 2011

Mini Panic Attack

I was just filling in my calendar for the remainder of April, and May and realized that this baby is coming up QUICK!!  I had Tanner @ 38 weeks 6 days.  If this baby comes at the same time, it means I have  little more than 60 days until my little nugget Deuce makes his/her world debut.  EEK!!  I know I am ready to be a mom of 2, so it’s not that part that freaks me out.  It’s all the stuff I have planned to do between now and then.

A BEACH Weekend Girls Trip with my mom, aunt, cousins, and friends

(I would give more details BUT the destination is a surprise for my mom’s friend who just turned 50, so I can’t divulge details but it will be FABULOUS!!  4 days of warm weather and relaxation here I come!!)

Organizing my high school 10-year reunion

Organizing Group of 25 friends/family heading to Target Field for a Twins game

3 baby showers

(NOT for me but for pregnant friends of mine- I have a total of 6 girlfriends due in June/July/Aug/Sept)

1 Graduation party

(Paul’s brother is graduating High School)

Prepping for summer at the lake

(yard work, lake stuff, etc-Oh yeah and getting a new well dug and plumbed in-just some small stuff..haha)

Putting up fencing around Tanner’s playground

Trip to Danube to do yard work, staging, and for sale work on our house.

(This we have neglected ALL winter.  Who wants to buy a house in the middle of winter anyways????  It is time for me to kick butt, start networking and marketing this house to GET IT SOLD)

Redecorating Bathroom

(This is have all the supplies for, I am just waiting for warmer weather so I can bring the cabinets outside to paint them)


Does this sound like enough???  Oh yeah, and among all this I also get to raise a sweet little boy and take time to relax and enjoy the little life inside me :)  Surprisingly, this daunting list only gave me a MINI panic attack.  Good thing I am a laid back gal or it might send me over the edge.  There’s nothing to do but keep picking away and crossing things off my list!!  Nothing like the nesting phase and a LONG list of projects/tasks to keep an expectant Momma busy!!

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