April 12, 2011

Our Bedrooms Before and After

Ok…I finally organized enough to take some after pictures of our rooms.  I didn’t think you’d get the full idea with the moving boxes and piles of stuff everywhere in our rooms.  Anyways…Here are the before and after pictures of our rooms @ my parent’s lake house. (Where we are lucky enough to be living until we sell our house in Danube and buy a new house of of our own)

Here’s Tanner’s room BEFORE:

DSC_0671 DSC_0672 DSC_0673




For Tanner’s room I used Dutch boy Refresh 0 VOC paint, stick on decals and stick on stripe from Menard’s.  The black out curtain panels, comforter and sheets I bought at Wal-Mart. The basket’s and road rug I got at IKEA kids section.  Total spent on his room= LESS THAN $150.


Here is our room BEFORE:

DSC_0674 DSC_0675


 DSC_0918  DSC_0920   DSC_0924        

For our room I used: Dutch boy Refresh 0 VOC paint and Wall writing from Menards. King size Comforter/sheets and window panels from Wal-Mart.  Lamps and Paul’s night stand(left side of bed in the pic) from Ikea.  **Note:  I should have gotten two but wasn’t sure if we would like it but it is a PERFECT night stand/small dresser.**  Closet panels and throw pillows I already owned.  Total spent on our room= LESS THAN $200

Also I would like people to know that I normally wouldn’t really care if I had a TV in our room but after learning with Tanner, it is a necessity for me when I am up nursing/feeding in the middle of the night.  It’s when I catch up on all my trashy TV.  I know you are all jealous of my super modern TV.  I think I got it when I moved to my first apt in college so it is SUPER high tech :)


NEXT UP ON MY PROJECT LIST:  Bathroom re-decorating


  1. The best part of those pics, is playing I SPY Tanner! The funniest one is the last picture where he's behind the dresser. OOPS, I gave away his hiding spot!

  2. Yes, he LOVES to be my little helper. You should've seen how he "helped" me put away laundry this morning. He's a funny little boy.