June 1, 2011

It’s Baby Month

June is officially the month of my due date!!  It is June 24th for those of you who actually give due dates any actual significance.  Me??  I feel like the baby will come whenever he/she wants somewhere between mid June and early July.  I am not a stickler for specifics…but then again, I am pretty laid back.  I am chugging along with my weekly doctors appointments and everything is checking out to be healthy up to this point.  I am so excited and feel very relieved to have carried another sweet baby to full term.  Also being one of “those moms” who LOVE LOVE LOVE being pregnant, I am not at all wishing this pregnancy to be over anytime soon.  Don’t get me wrong, pregnancy is NOT with out it’s discomforts and inconveniences BUT the pay off is SOOOO worth it.  All I know is that as I looked at my calendar this morning, I think it finally starting to sink in that I will be having a baby this month!!  I am sooooo excited!  Also, trying to keep things as equal as possible for this baby I thought I would write a Dear Baby Letter, much like I did before I met my sweet little Tanner.

Dear Baby-

As I sit here 37 weeks pregnant with you, I still can’t believe that I will get to meet you in a few short weeks (or Less).  I wanted to write you a letter to help express what I am feeling as I anticipate meeting you.  I am excited to see what you look like, what you smell like, and what your sweet little cry will sound like.  I can’t wait to hold you and cuddle you in my arms.  You already have soooooo many people in this world that love you and are just excited as Mommy to meet you.  Daddy is very excited too.  He feels you kick in my belly and smiles every time he can feel you and know you are in there, squirming and trying to stretch out in your ever tightening living quarters.  Being pregnant with you has been a real trip for me.  Daddy and I really wanted another baby and decided to make you.  We were both so excited to find out that our family would be growing from 3 to 4.   I loved hearing your heartbeat for the first time, seeing you squirm around for the ultrasound lady and watching my belly get bigger and bigger with each week.

We don’t know if you are baby boy or a baby girl yet so you do not have a name yet but I know we will be able to pick the perfect name for you after we see your sweet little face.  For now we have been calling you “Deuce” but that for sure will never do.

I am sure you are perfectly comfortable right now inside me but soon the day will come when you will need to meet the world.  I have so many hopes, dreams, and love for you that I cannot even begin to express them but will try.  Baby, I hope you are happy.  I hope you are independent and loving and sweet, and empathetic.  I hope you feel the love that your family has for you and take that love and pass it on.  I know that just by being born you are making my world a better place and I hope you can do the same for many people with whatever special abilities/qualities you develop.  I hope and dream that you love your big brother Tanner and I dream that you will take care of each other, love each other, and hopefully grow to be great friends.

Having you be my second baby, I hope I know more this time around and can use that with you.  I know I will not always be a perfect Mommy but I promise you that I will always try my best and that as long as it is within my power, you will feel and know the love that our family has to give.  I promise to laugh with you, relax with you, let you be you, nurture you,, give you support and, discipline, and more love than you could ever imagine (until you have children of your own someday)  I promise that you will know that you have grandmas and grandpas, and aunt and uncles and cousins and many many more people that love and care about you.

Baby, I know in my heart that I will meet you soon and my heart will grow in ways that I can’t even imagine right now.    There is a special special spot in my heart just waiting to be filled with everything you possess.

With an unconditional and most sincere love-


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