August 2, 2011


When I was little I LOVED playing with my cousins!!

As an adult I still see most of them very frequently and really enjoy the time I spend with them.

Tanner and Emmy Lu are so lucky to have cousins on BOTH side of the family.

I hope they all get along and remain part of each others lives as they all grow up.

It will be so fun to watch.


Cousins on my side: Jada 6, Tanner 15 months, Savannah 10, Emmy Lu-newborn, Saniya 4, Caiden 7 months (Missing-Makayla 16)



Cousins on Paul’s side: Tanner 16 months, Xavier 18 months, Gabe 4, Emmy Lu 1 month


I am VERY thankful for family and it makes my heart sing knowing that my children will get to experience a big loving family on both sides.

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