August 11, 2011

2nd time around…

They say that you get more relaxed with every kid you have.  If that is the case I might just be mistaken for a burned out “Dead Head” by the time I have our 3rd child.

With Tanner I pre washed EVERYTHING in Dreft- bedding, blankets, onsies, booties, hats, etc.

I sterilized the bottles TWICE before using.

I would touch his lips while he took a long nap to make sure he was breathing.

I cried and lamented for days when I couldn’t breastfeed any longer.

I was so careful, nervous about changing his diaper, clothes, etc.

I fretted each and every time he made a peep.

I religiously bathed him every other day and did not miss a beat.


Oh how things have changed….


With Emmy Lu I washed a few things (in NORMAL detergent) that were in storage but new outfits..I toss right on her.

If she is sleeping I take advantage of the time to play with Tanner, clean, make my lists etc…No lip checking here.

I had a whatever happens, happens mentality about breastfeeding and things are going AWESOME.

I fly through diaper and clothing changes like a well trained pit crew worker.

If she starts to squirm I wait that extra second to make sure if she really means it or is just getting out some kinks.

I bath her when I remember or have time…Don’t get me wrong..It is frequently enough but for sure NOT the strict schedule I had with Tanner.


I am amused at all my friends who are becoming first time moms and am a tad envious of that first time mom OCD. But mostly am thankful that the second time around seems so much easier and WAY less stressful.  In a few more weeks I am pretty sure I could do my daily routine with Tanner and Emmy Lu with one hand tied behind my back.


One thing that has NOT changed is how much I love and adore her.  I try not to compare Emmy Lu and Tanner but they are just so darn similar it is hard not to.  So far Emmy Lu is happy, relaxed and seems VERY content.  She hardly cries, gives us lots of smiles and is such an easy baby.  Just like her brother….


People said that I really lucked out with Tanner and that there would be NO WAY I could luck out with two chillaxed little ones.  I am happy that Emmy Lu is so far proving all those people wrong…

I might be pressing my luck in expecting more relaxed children in the future but so far my track record is giving me no reason to stop creating and raising these adorable, loving, sweet little creatures.

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