August 9, 2011

North Shore Family Vacation

Last weekend we took our first annual camping trip to Temperance River State Park up Minnesota’s BEAUTIFUL North Shore.  We reserved 5 campsites and filled them with family and friends for a weekend of fun and adventure.  It was Tanner and Emmy Lu’s first camping experience and I have to say they did AWESOME!!  Tanner slept thru the night (with the help of my battery operated I pod radio and some Rock-a-bye Lullabies)  and Emmy Lu woke up only a couple times a night to eat then went right back to bed.  It was definitely LOTS of work keeping up with the kids and chasing Tanner around all weekend while also taking care of Emmy.  However, I think the experiences are so great and worth the work for the benefits their little brains got.  There were tons of new sights, sounds, faces, experiences that they unfortunately won’t remember but will help shape them into little outdoor, adventure loving people.  The MN State Park system lets you book campsites 1 year out so this morning we already booked our campsites for next year Aug 9-12, 2012.  We also had so much fun that we reserved 2 more sites.  Here are some pictures of our adventures.

DSC_0744 DSC_0746 DSC_0748 DSC_0750 DSC_0751 DSC_0753 DSC_0754 DSC_0755 DSC_0756 DSC_0757 DSC_0758 DSC_0760 DSC_0763 DSC_0764 DSC_0768 DSC_0770 DSC_0778 DSC_0779 DSC_0780 DSC_0784 DSC_0785 DSC_0790 DSC_0792 DSC_0826 DSC_0829 DSC_0831 DSC_0832 DSC_0833 DSC_0834 DSC_0835 DSC_0842 DSC_0843 DSC_0844 DSC_0845 DSC_0846 DSC_0847 DSC_0848 DSC_0873 DSC_0880 DSC_0881 DSC_0887 DSC_0904 DSC_0907 DSC_0908 DSC_0911 DSC_0914 DSC_0937 DSC_0941 DSC_0945 DSC_0952

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