December 2, 2012

Christmas Traditions

Have I mentioned I love Christmas? I love the decor, the baking, the chilly weather, the first snow, the traditions, etc.

I am truly striving to decommercialize for my children and instead focus on the fun, togetherness, and traditions that I love about Christmas.

We are starting a tradition with our kids that they get one "big" present from us on Christmas Eve, then Santa visits to fill our stockings with little treats and trinkets. I am doing this not only because my kids are already overloaded and overwhelmed with toys in our house but also to try and keep the focus of the holidays on what's important. I want them to grow to be thankful for what we have and the lives they are fortunate to live, not the quantity or size of the presents under the tree each year.

I want them to remember the activities surrounding Christmas rather than the "stuff" they accumulated. I want them to remember how we went into the woods and cut our tree, how Mom let them tinsel the tree, bake cookies, and arrange the mini figurines in the Christmas village. I want them to be involved, present, and thankful for the love and life around them.

I know the challenges of downsizing commercial Christmas will be greater as they get older. However, if we don't start now to make conscious choices about what we focus our energies on I can see how easy it is to overspend, overindulge and under-appreciate.

Even as an adult I need to remind myself from time to time to sit back, look at my life, and choose to be content. What better time of year for a reality check than the holidays right?

I hope you and your family take the time to focus on what's important in your lives this holiday season:)

Merry Christmas Season!!

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  1. I cannot believe your kids don't destroy that village!