December 4, 2012


It's one of the things I find myself obsessed with. How much did I get? How much did the kids get? When is naptime?

As pregnancy continues to change my body shape and function, my sleep patterns change too. Add to that a 2.5 year old and an 18 month old and you might think I never sleep. Believe me, somedays I feel like that too.

With all honesty, I do sleep. It's not every night or even a single night in a week sometimes but we do have pretty healthy sleep habits here in the Northland. (Maybe the cold, dark winter nights are nature's way of giving my kids 7pm bed times) Whatever the reason, I take what I can get.

I don't question a good night's sleep or the 3 hour naps. I am simply thankful for them. I also try not to begrudge a 5:00 am wake up time or middle of the night "MOMMY!!!" This is my life.

The mom of two toddlers.

The pregnant lady.

The light sleeper.

To get through the rough days and nights I tell myself that I will sleep again...someday.
When my kids are older, when they don't need me as much, when my body is mine again, etc.

I may be delusional and this obsession with sleep and lack thereof may simply be a trade off for the kisses, laughs, dirty hands and feet, snotty noses, family vacations, creative artwork, little arms wrapped around my neck, and the unconditional love that is given and received throughout the day of a Mommy.

If that's the trade off, I'll take it. I'll take every second of it because this is exactly what I signed up to do (3 times in 3 years to be exact).

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