December 18, 2012

Random Acts of Kindness

In efforts to combat the negativity and heartbreaking news, I am upping my positivity output- One random act of kindness at a time.

Yesterday as I finished my holiday shopping, I focused energy on being kind to strangers. Just an extra smile, a small gesture, a generous tip...nothing big.

Boy of boy, did that sure fill my happy meter. It really pulled me out of my funk.

I am no way trying to forget or downplay the sadness of the loss of those innocent lives in Connecticut, merely trying to find a way to move through it.

Imagine the positive energy output if we all strived, everyday, to be kind. Not just going through the motions, and living in our own bubbles but truly being thoughtful and kind. It doesn't take long before the ripples of positive energy hit someone who really needs it or better yet find their way back to you or someone you love.

So be kind to each other, make a stranger smile, be thoughtful in your words and actions. I sure am trying to do this in my life and already feel better.

Need some ideas?? Check out this great site:

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