September 10, 2010

Best Friend Award

As many people already know, Tanner and I are making a 3 week trip to Jacksonville Florida today.  It will be the first time for Tanner on a plane and the first time I will be away from my farmer husband for more than a week, but it is for a very good reason.  From what I have heard from multiple people, it qualifies me for a best friend ever award.

My best friend from high school is due with her 2nd baby any day now.  She has a 3 year old son AND her husband is deployed and overseas until Dec. (he will be coming through Jacksonville for training and a visit in a few weeks but will miss the birth)  Needles to say, Bonny was very relieved when I suggested that I come down for the birth to help take care of her 3 year old Tommy and offer overall support.  She was even more relieve when she called a couple weeks ago panicking about going into labor early and I suggested I bump my flight up and come down early.  I can’t imagine having a baby with out my favorite Farmer present, so I definitely give Bonny props for going thru her last few months of pregnancy, working full time and taking care of Tommy all by herself.  Talk about a SUPER WOMAN! 

Many people have told me what a kind and thoughtful thing I am doing for Bonny and I guess I hadn’t even really thought of it.  My friend needed me and I just naturally wanted to be there to help.  I am happy to be helpful and spend some quality time with a good friend and happy that my lifestyle allows for me to make this trip.  PLUS, I like to fill my “karma bank” up lots of good and positive energy and deeds.  As Bonny says, I’ve got to keep my “positive hippie vibes”.  I also feel VERY lucky to have a friendship like the one I share with Bonny.  I know not everyone has a friendship where they could do something like this and I know both Bonny and I feel grateful that our friendship has endured and strengthened over time.  We talk on the phone constantly comparing mommy notes, venting about life, laughing at funny/stupid things we have seen lately and over all just being friends…true friends. 

I believe Bonny and I had a drunken conversation in my Mom’s kitchen while we were home from college that I still remember us saying “Man, we sure feel bad for people who don’t have a best friend like us.”  What silly girls we were, but I think the sentiment still rings true.  We are pretty lucky!!!

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  1. You do win the BFF award. And way to go, you made me cry...can't wait to see you in a few hours! I love you!

    Oh, and PS - Surprisingly, I remember that convo in your moms kitchen...we are so funny!