September 24, 2010

Half a year....

This week Tanner hit his 6 month milestone!! (As you could probably tell from the pictures below) I just can't believe it. They (that illusive group of whoever "they" are) say that time flies when you are having fun. Well I must be having the time of my life being his mom because it honestly seems like just yesterday Paul and I were in the hospital getting ready to have him. He is my sweet, funny boy and I love him more that I could ever imagine possible. I feel so lucky to be his Mom and that Paul and I have the opportunity to raise him, teach him, comfort him, discipline him and love him unconditionally! I feel like if I blink it will be his first birthday before I know it.

Also this week, Bonny had her sweet, perfect baby girl. Her labor started on Wednesday the 22nd and Annella Liane Cunz made her world debut @ 2:03 am and Sept 23rd, 2010. She is 8 lbs 3 oz and 20 inches long. Here is a picture of the little angel h=just 10 hours old!

Comparing these to Tanner's 6 month photos below- I am just BAFFLED at what a difference half a year makes. It makes me step back and take a deep breath and completely appreciate the wonderment of life. AMAZING!!

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