September 2, 2010

Summer Cold and State Fair

To start things off let me just state for the record that I am a fairly good sick person (I don't get too whiny and kinda just roll with the punches until I start feeling better). That, however, does not in any way shape or form translate into me liking being sick. It started on Monday, that feeling that something just isn't quite right. It progressed as I was at the MN state fair on Tues and has developed into a full fledged coughing til you gag summer sickness....YUCK!! Summer cold you are welcome to disappear as quickly as you came out of no where. Thanks :)

I have too much stuff planned to be sick. Like I said above, Tanner made his debut trip to the MN State Fair. We stayed in a hotel on Monday night so we could get to the fairgrounds early and am I sure glad we did. I forget how fun the fair is since I only seem to make it 1 out of every 4-5 years. I of course forgot my camera (my memory left after having a baby and is still showing no signs of making a triumphant return)-BUT my mom was there to take some pics and posted some on her blog. Tanner was a perfect little boy and only started getting crabby (and hot) just in time for us to leave. He slept the entire 2 hour drive home which made for a pleasant ride for me. I LOVE that he is such a good baby.

Wednesday also marked the start of my FAVORITE time of year out here in farm country....Sugar Beet Harvest. OK, OK..I may have a touch of sarcasm in there. Harvest time requires Paul to be working in the fields... A LOT! (Like come home only to shower and sleep a few hours) Paul and his father grow sugar beets, corn, and soy beans. Sugar beets have the most intensive harvest since you can only bring them to the plant under certain weather conditions, temperatures etc. But farming DOES make the world go 'round because nearly EVERYTHING you eat, wear, use made it's start on a farm somewhere around the world. (Mountain Dew and Pepsi Throwback are sweetened with the fine sugar grown and processed right here in MN for you soda fans)

So maybe this summer cold/sickness is just a sign that summer is winding down and it's time for the autumn to come in with both arms swinging. It seems like forever away right now but if I have started realizing one thing as I age, it is that time really does fly. I'm sure it will seem like a blink of an eye before State Fair and Harvest time are upon us once again.....

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