September 9, 2010

End of Summer Fun

This past weekend Tanner and I made our annual trip to Osage, MN to my Aunt and Uncle’s house on Straight Lake.  Paul had to work in the fields all weekend and was bummed he could not come up but I guess someone has to bring home the bacon.  Everyone asked (multiple times) about Paul but then I would just distract them with the cuteness of Tanner.  It was the first time Tanner got to meet some family on my side including my Aunt Kim, Uncle Bob, and cousins Aaron, Allie and Adam.  Kim, Allie and Bob were definitely the most excited while my two macho, motor head cousins, Aaron and Adam didn’t really get too pumped to meet a baby.  Until a kids is able to ride something motorized, they really don’t see the fun in it all.  To their own credit though, each did hold Tanner briefly and commented on how “sturdy” he was.  Way to be “Sturdy” Tanner!!!  Tanner did really well and was “the easiest baby that anyone had ever seen!”  Can you tell I am a proud mama??  He really is such a good baby and I feel VERY lucky to have him as my first.

Our annual trip to Osage marks the end of our summer fun.  This year we even had the very CHILLY weather to make that even more apparent.  The die hards still did some water sports but Tanner and I chose to watch from the sunny shores.  65 degrees is NOT warm enough weather to get this Mama into the water.  This summer was fun and full of adventures and has left us feeling exhausted (as always) but I already can’t wait for next year of summer fun!!

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