September 27, 2010

Just another day..

Today's pictures are of Tanner and Anella chilling on the couch. He looks so big next to her. I remember when he was that little *tear*.
Here he is "checking her out". I have yet to teach him that lifting up girls' skirts is inappropriate. Seriously though, Tanner just wants to touch her, stare at her and figure out what this little person is. Seeing them together definitely solidifies Paul and my decision to have another baby as soon as we can!!

As you can tell, Tanner and I are still in Florida helping Bonny out until our replacements get here. Ryan (her husband) got a week of approved leave from his deployment to come home and visit. He will be here tomorrow. Then on Saturday her in-laws are coming for 10 days and shortly after that her mom and sister will be coming down for a long weekend. Tanner and I fly home early on Thursday morning. I am excited to get home and see my Farmer Paul. This is the longest we have ever been apart and it has been really hard. I miss him like crazy and can't wait to get back to some good ole fashioned Minnesota sweatshirt weather. Florida sun is great but I really do LOVE the autumn too!! Paul misses us too. He sounds just sort of out of it and kinda bummed when I talked to him on the phone. I know he REALLY misses his little man Tanner and will have LOTS of cuddling and playing to make up for when we get back to MN.

While I have been here though I am trying to be as helpful as possible and my main objective is to take care of Tommy (the ALWAYS talking, ALWAYS full of energy 3 year old) He is really a hoot and so fun to spend time with. Plus he really likes me so we have been having a good time together while Bonny takes care of Annella and recovers. Today I dropped him off at daycare so Bonny could get to sleep and had a 15 minute conversation with him about why it was still dark outside. I don't think he understands everything I say but I hate to "dumb" things down for kids so I talked to him like a little adult. He didn't seem to mind and is really good at using his words when he wants to tell you something.

Today I will attempt to take Annella's newborn pictures, however I am going to wait to edit them until I get home so don't expect to see the FABULOUS photos for about a week. I am getting really into this photography thing and am seriously considering making it my 2011 goal: to start a part time, on location photography business. Nothing too serious or anything that will make me rich by any means. Mainly turning my hobby into a business for some extra spending money here and there. (This stay at home mama still needs to look good so salon trips are a NECESSITY) Along with Bonny's maternity photos, Tanner's photos 3month and 6 month, I have another Maternity shoot scheduled with a friend's sister in-law, and a family photo shoot scheduled with Bonny's sister. I am just building my portfolio to get my new project up and running in 2011- Let me know if you or your family needs family photos, senior pictures, baby/kid milestone pics. I am offering DEEPLY discounted rates (aka FREE) until I am actually a legitimate business. Just let me know!!
I guess that's it from Heidi's world today! Have had my morning coffee and feeling like I can conquer the world-(or at least a shopping trip with a 6 month old in tow)!
Just a little Monday morning pick me up quote from my good buddy- Mahatma Ghandi-
"The future depends on what we do in the present."
Be happy, and SPREAD THE LOVE people!!!

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