September 16, 2010

Jacksonville update

Tanner and I are in JAX until Sept 30th for those of you who have been living under a rock and didn't know that by now. We miss Daddy but he is busy working in the fields harvesting. (well not so much now that they got a bunch of rain over the last couple days but there is plenty of machinery and harvest equipment to fix when they can't get in the fields).

Tanner has been a really good boy (as usual). On the flight down he was PERFECT. Not even one sound that could be interpreted as fussy was heard from him. He has also been steeping up the baby food intake. He loves rice cereal with fruit and yesterday for lunch we tried carrots for the first time and I could not shovel them in fast enough for him. He is getting so big! He'll be 6 months old next week!!

Bonny and I are keeping ourselves busy while we wait for her to go into labor. So far we've gone to the beach, gone outlet mall shopping, gotten pedicures, went out to lunch, and have been working on our tans. The Florida weather is BEAUTIFUL!!! The first couple day here were SWELTERING but now has cooled a little bit and is a nice 87 and sunny! It is perfect weather and is really helping me cope with the end of summer. I hear MN is chilly and damp this week so the sunny weather here is more than welcomed by me!!

Also while I am here I plan to meet up with an old friend who goes to grad school in Gainsville (about an hour from Jax) so I am excited for that. She was my roommate in while I studied in Mexico so we have share some good times together. I can't wait to see her and catch up.

Well, that's it from Jacksonville. Send down all your good baby vibes so Bonny can have this baby girl SOON!!! I'll make sure to keep posting updates and LOTS of pictures of our fall adventure in Florida.

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