January 25, 2011

First Hair Cut-10 months old

Tanner was growing quite the mop.  Besides trimming over his ears once or twice I was trying to hold off on giving him a major hair cut until his first birthday.  Well, yesterday it was just driving me NUTS so guess who got a hair cut while sitting in the bath. (Yes, bath…It is the only time he is still enough for me to attempt it.)  Here are the before and after pictures:







There are still a couple longer pieces taunting me when I look closely but I will get those today when he is eating (He is also pretty still during this event too).


Such a BIG BOY he is becoming…..  In the last month he has gone from JUST beginning to crawl to walking everywhere (using objects and his walker), his top teeth are coming in, and he had his fist hair cut.  He is still a happy, mellow fellow though with an AWESOME disposition and even better sleep habits.  A mommy couldn’t ask for anything better, especially with another baby coming in 5 months…EEK.

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