July 27, 2011

In the Trenches Taking Grenades…

My children are in cahoots and I am pretty sure they are plotting my demise.

I am a mommy of a 16 month old and a 1 month old.

I have been running on auto-pilot for at least the last few days.

Sleep is a luxury I just can’t afford right now…Not with these two monsters..uh…I mean angels.

I have broken down and given in to the coffee gods.

Motherhood is definitely not a job for the  weak or weary.

These children give me immeasurable joy, love, and happiness all the while they are sneakily and slowly sucking the life from me.

I am in the trenches taking grenades left and right.


All joking aside..I am secretly loving it because I know that before I know it, they won’t need me as much.

They won’t cry for me and run to me.

I know that all the life and energy they are getting for me is giving them the building blocks for lives of their own.


I’ll remember all this next time I JUST get Emmy Lu to sleep and suddenly hear Tanner playing in his crib saying “Mama, mama…car??” BOOM…here comes another bomb…

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