July 6, 2011

Twenty Eight and Feeling Great

Today I turn 28 and boy oh boy do I have some great things to celebrate.

I am not celebrating with some big party.

I am not celebrating with a fancy dinner.

I am not celebrating by having a cocktail.

However, I am celebrating by spending the day with two of the most beautiful, sweet children in the world.

We are having a quiet day full of cuddling, playing, loving each other, and waiting for Daddy to join us.

I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Each year, my life gets better and better. I can say with all honesty that I know- with the core of everything I am- how extremely lucky I am.

Of course things are not always perfect, BUT on days like today, it is REALLY REALLY REALLY hard to find anything to complain about.

This past year has brought along some BIG changes (relocation, baby, new jobs, etc) but I wouldn’t have changed a thing.

I can only hope that upon turning 29 I will feel just as lucky, loved, happy, and complete as I do now.

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