July 28, 2011

Impromptu visitors

My sister and her girls took a nice little trip up north to come visit us yesterday.  It was a nice little impromptu trip that was MORE THAN WELCOME.  Tanner has so much fun playing with his cousins and they provide him with more stimulation and entertainment than boring old mommy could any day.  It is also so fun to see my nieces and hang out with my sister.  It was just an overnight trip and they left this afternoon but those girls sure did pack in as much fun as they could while they were here.  Sadie even held Emmy Lu so I could enjoy the lake a little bit this morning.  What a treat!!!  I am glad they live only 1.5 hours away and can come visit on days like this.

My swimmer dude!!  Tanner LOVES the water and LOVED this tub suit Sadie brought him. 

He also had to play on this floating dock section just like the big kids do.


Swimming with Mommy

 DSC_0643 DSC_0645

Saniya and Emmy Lu




Wouldn’t let go of his “Tra-cor” the entire time.


Jada and her toothless grin…gotta save this one for her graduation


Saniya striking a pose…I have about 20 shots of her and her different expressions…Move over Zoolander!!

 DSC_0654 DSC_0658

Auntie Sadie and Emmy Lu


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  1. Super cute! Connor say "Tra-cor" the same way and is seriously in love with them...good thing we live on the farm!