July 21, 2011

Baby Boom!!!

My wonderful friend Annie and her husband Shane, who I took maternity photos for in June had their beautiful baby girl, Charlie Rose McConnell on Monday afternoon.  Here was one of my favorite pictures that I was not able to share until after the birth, since they were keep the little cutie’s name under wraps.

hi my name is BW

I am SOOOOO happy for them and their families.  This little girl is a first for them and I know will bring them all of the wonderfully crazy things that parenthood has to offer.


I also did ANOTHER shoot with some of our best friends, Jeff and Malinda.  They are expecting a little girl in just a little less than a month.  They are two of my favorite people on this planet and parenthood will for sure only make them more exceptional than they already are!!  (Did I mention that I set them up??? I am pretty proud of this) I guess I just saw how awesome they were individually and guessed right in thinking that the awesomeness would be even better together.

Malinda is one of those pregnant ladies who looks like she swallowed a basketball.  She has not “puffed” up in other places too like some of us are so lucky to experience.  She is a beautiful woman and makes a great photography subject.

MalindaJeff 1

Malinda 1 Malinda 2 Faded Sepia

 Malinda 3 Malinda 4

  Ultrasound 1


I have one more photo shoot to set up with another friend who is due with yet ANOTHER girl in Sept.  I can’t wait and am more than excited to welcome these women into mommyhood!!

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