April 29, 2010

Cloth Diapering

I know many people have asked me how cloth diapering has been going so I decided to devote a post to it and how I do it. I figured it might help answer questions and hopefully inspire other moms to try it. I can't emphasize enough the amount of $$ I will save by using cloth diapers. Disposables cost on average $0.15-$0.20 PER diaper. If you diaper for 2 1/2 years you are spending $1500-$2000 just on diapers. YIKES!!! Another factor is the amount of trash I will save on. Yeah, those dirty diapers leave every week from your garbage can, but where do they go??? Out of sight out of mind? Not really, they are in someone else's back yard. I am not a TOTAL eco-freak but do think that every little bit helps, like using my reusable grocery bags, refusing to buy bottled water, recycling, using fluorescent bulb in our lights and now cloth diapering. Just food for thought and reasons to consider going cloth.

Now onto the diapering process I use...I first started by doing LOTS of research. Looking at the different options for cloth diapering, the process involved and the cost of supplies. Two GREAT websites I found are:

I ordered all of my diapers from Green Mountain. These are the supplies I started with:

24 Prefold Clotheez diapers Size Small
prefold diapers

Snappi to fasten the pre-folds -NO PINS REQUIRED!!

prefoldsnappi.jpg (7524 bytes)

6 fitted Cloth fitted diapers (for at night or for on the go-they are just faster to put on and have an extra elastic edge to hold stuff in)
infant fitted diapers

6 diaper covers (in a variety of colors and patterns-there is some cute stuff out there)
thirsties diaper cover bummis diaper wrapbummis super brite green diaper cover

And I just ordered a diaper sprayer to hook up to my toilet- It has YET to arrive but I can't WAIT. I have been swishing the poopy diapers in the toilet. This makes getting those semi-solids out much easier.


I also bought a roll of flushable liners to put in the diapers when they start to get more solid waste. Then I can just take the liner out and flush it down the toilet with anything it has gathered.

You will also need a diaper pail. I just use an old diaper genie knock off that my cousin got me at a garage sale. i have it right next to my toilet so that I can put the diapers in there after cleaning them out. You can use any standard trash can with a lid as a diaper pale.

Total I spent $230.00 on EVERYTHING!!! I will most likely need to spend another $175 - $200 for the next size up but that will get me through the diapering years. For a grand total of $450-$500 tops! What a difference from the $2000 huh???

Now for the process-
1-remove dirty diaper and cover and set aside.
2-wipe bottom clean. (I still use disposable wipes but there are washable wipes too. I just have a little trash next to my changing table to throw the wipes in)
3-Put on new cloth diaper and fasten with the snappi
4-cover with water-proof diaper cover
(I then take Tanner into the bathroom with me while I finish the rest- he sits on his bouncy chair while I clean or put the diapers in the pail)
5-if it is a poopy diaper I swish it in the toilet and remove what I can. (I can't wait to use the sprayer instead) Wet ones just go right in the pail.
6-If the diaper cover is not soiled I will let it sit out to use for the next diaper change. If it has gotten wet or soiled I put it in the pail too.
7-Wash and dry my hands
8-Pick up Tanner and continue with our day!

WASHING diapers

I wash diapers and covers every other day. I haul the whole pail down stairs and dump them in the washer. I pre-rinse them once on cold. Then wash them on hot using All free and clear detergent and Oxy-Clean. I either hang them on the line to dry whenever possible or tumble dry them on high. I line dry ALL of the covers just because the velcro can attract lint and gunk them up a little. When they are all washed and dried I bring them up to Tanner's room and put them back on the changing table :)

It is really pretty easy and takes very little extra effort on my part. Plus Tanner's bottom has not been red at all like it had been getting with disposables. Here are some pictures of our diapering system!!

Cloth pre-fold diaper with snappi fastener

With diaper cover on

Diaper pail next to toilet

Tanner chilling while I clean his poopy diapers! This is also where he hangs out when I shower.

I hope this helps explain the process and gives parents inspiration to try it for themselves! It is really a great fit for our family and something I feel very good about! If you have any questions please feel free to e-mail me @ heidi_lynnc@hotmail.com. I am happy to help anyone thinking about making the switch or using cloth for their little one on the way!!

***Side note: I did receive a bunch of disposables for gifts and they have not gone to waste. I still take them when lugging around cloth on an outing isn't feasible.

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