April 15, 2010

Sporting his Sweater-Vest

Today was Grandpa Fredrick's funeral which meant that the Nyquist's had to get cleaned up. Daddy wore a tie (which is a RARE occasion), Mommy got to wear her new dress and Tanner sported his sweater-vest and khakis that Nana bought him.

Since figuring out his whole eating ordeal and getting him to put on some weight, he has been even MORE mellow. Just a eating, pooping, sleeping machine. He is getting way more alert during his awake times, starting to enjoy his tummy time and staring at the book of baby faces I have. I am feeling like I am getting the hang of things too. It's true what they say-The first 2 weeks are sort of tough but I feel like everyday is getting better and better. We're closing in on the end of the first month which is just CRAZY to me. It seems like I just had him :( I have a feeling I will be wanting another sooner rather than later!!

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