April 8, 2010

Baby steps...

This morning it was a little chilly out but the sun is shining so I decided to get Tanner bundled up and go for a walk. Let's just say he is NOT a fan of his car seat. I fed him, got him a little lethargic, then attempted to put him in his seat with out him noticing. It was fine for about 4 minutes while I lugged the stroller out of the van, and secured his seat on. Then BAM...MAAAHHHH, MAAAAH, MAAAAAAH. I knew he did not like his seat from our trip to Willmar the other day with my mom which ended up with me carrying him as we got some supplies at Super Walmart, but I thought I would give it another try. I wanted to at least walk over and get the mail, but that did not happen. We went a couple blocks, thinking that he might be gently lulled to sleep by the bumpy road. NOPE, he just got more mad...the little stinker. Thankfully, my mom is still here so she walked him back to the house while my cousin Brandyn, who is visiting, and I walked to the post office to get the mail. (After all, it is gossip magazine delivery day!) Of course we get back to the house and who is sitting on Nana's lap happy as a clam, but my little man Tanner...OF COURSE!!!

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