April 26, 2010

Re-entering society

After spending the first month with Tanner cozied up in my house (with the occasional walk or visit to the doctor) I have officially re-entered society. Who knew there was life beyond sitting here, holding and snuggling and being completely in LOVE with my little boy?!?! This weekend we had a couple firsts. Friday night Paul's mom came to Danube to watch Tanner so Paul and I could the Fireman's wives appreciation supper over at the fire hall. It was the first time I had ever left Tanner for more than the minute it takes me to walk over to the post office and back. Both he and I did just fine and I am SURE Grandma didn't mind snuggling with my little nugget for a couple hours.

On Saturday, Tanner and I made our first road trip to my mom and dad's place in Oak Grove. I posted on facebook that we were going to be in the area and Tanner had no shortage of people that wanted to meet him.

Here's Tanner and my Grandma Donna

Here's Grandma, Tanner, my cousins Alex and Antonio

I also took Tanner over to my parent's neighbor's 30th birthday party for a couple hours on Saturday evening. The rain held off and we got to hang out for a couple hours. Even with all of the commotion of karaoke, dirtbikes, and people peeking in his stroller to see him he still just snoozed away. He's such a good baby!! It was really nice to get out and do some socializing too!! I forgot that there is a whole big world out there...I have been so consumed lately but it's time to start re-entering society...little by little. I still love all the one on one I get with Tanner everyday.

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