January 13, 2011

Happy 28th Birthday to my BFF

I did this for Paul last year on his birthday last year so thought I would do it for my friend Bonny who turns 28 today.  28 reasons to love her:

1-She’s a 5 foot 1.5 inch bundle of goodness (She claims to be 5’2”)

2-She’s a true Minnesota girl no matter where she lives.

3-She is a snappy dresser.

4-I can tell her everything and usually do.

5-She has an awesome sense of humor.

6-She has TINY feet (aka..hooves) and her shoes are just so cute.  They look like high heels for a ten year old.

7- She is a good listener.

8-She is an AWESOME friend and would do anything for someone who needed her.

9-She LOVES her family.

10-She defies the laws of physics by being so small and popping out normal size babies.

11-Speaking of babies, she makes pretty darn cute ones.

12- She’ll choose an ice cold beer over a fancy drink ANY day.

13- She doesn’t cook with onions because she doesn’t like them.

14- She loves her job.

15- She is one of the most social people I know.

16- I can pick her up. (most of the times this happens when we have had a couple and she acts like a koala)

17- Her driving skills have GREATLY improved in the last 10 years.

18- She has beautiful hair (even on bad hair days)

19-She is a great wife to a VERY lucky man, Ryan.

20- She is a great mother.

21-She once walked around telling everyone she was a hobbit because she had never seen “Lord of the Rings” and didn’t know hobbits were short, furry creatures.

22- She talks about moving back to MN, even though it is 10 years out.

23-She doesn’t like water, but LOVES Gatorade propel.

24-She asks lots of questions and doesn’t pretend to know it all.

25-She RELIGIOUSLY gets pedicures, therefore having the nicest looking hooves around.

26-She loves shopping.  (And is really good at it)

27-She remembers every birthday and ALWAYS sends a card.

28- Even though she lives 1,000 plus miles away, she is still the BEST BEST friend a gal could ever ask for and I KNOW she will be one that lasts a lifetime! 

Love you Bonny!!!!