January 12, 2011

Just chuggin along here in the Northland

Hope everyone has had a great start to their new year so far.  It has been nice so far up here.  Things are moving along with this pregnancy.  I am 17 weeks already starting to look more like a pregnant lady and less like a lady who just likes second helpings of dinner on a regular basis.  Although, my appetite has been coming back in full force since the morning (all day) sickness has stopped and I do find myself getting seconds from time to time.  I have still been losing a few pounds though so I guess it is a win/win.  I hope this pregnancy is like my first in that my doctor encourages me to eat more.  I am keeping my fingers crossed.

I heard the heartbeat again on Friday at my doctor’s appointment.  It is right in the 150’s, just like it always was with Tanner.  I had a fleeting moment of wanting to find out the sex of this baby last night.  I was putting away some baby girl clothes that I have acquired through garage sales and thrift shops when it hit me.  I wanted to find out the sex.  If my ultrasound would have been right then and there, I surely would have.   After sleeping on it and realizing that I really did like finding out in the delivery room with Tanner, I decided to be patient and wait until June.  Plus, i think it is fun to go back and forth on your “gut” feelings.  I was sure that Tanner was a girl so it just show how “in tune” I am.  I believe my words when he first came out were “It has a penis!!!”  haha…I am so graceful with words, even in sentimental times.  In a couple weeks when I have my ultrasound I am committed to telling the tech that we don’t want to know the sex…. Or maybe Paul will have to if I still have the urge.

In other news, I enjoyed a nice girls weekend in Duluth last weekend for my sister’s 30th birthday.  Her actual birthday was Jan 2nd but we celebrated the following weekend.  In all there were ten of us, including 3 pregnant ladies, so as you can imagine, we really tore up the town :)  We shopped, swam, (some of us) enjoyed cocktails, and laughed like crazy.  It was a great two days.  Here are some pictures that my friend Maria took of the weekend.

3 pregnant ladies (Me-16 weeks, Maria –35 weeks, Sarah 30 weeks with TWINS)

Duluth 1 

Making S’mores

Duluth 3

Left- All the Girls out at Grandma’s, Right-The new 30yr old with cocktail and marshmallow in hand

Duluth 2  duluth 4

The hot tub on the roof (lift bridge in background).  I decided that the indoor pool was the only way to go.  Especially after seeing their faces upon getting out of the pool into the 5 degree Duluth winter.

Duluth 5

The view from our room.  Watched a few ships roll in over the weekend making sure to get in before the lake iced up til spring.

 Duluth 6 

It was a really fun weekend and a nice winter escape.  I know the rest of the ladies had just as much fun too!!  I can’t wait to do it again :)

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