January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!!!!

I hope you all had a very happy holiday week!!  We were busy but sure had lots of fun.  Christmas Eve was spent at home in Barnum with Paul and Tanner.  It was actually the first time I had ever made a Christmas Dinner all by myself…I am growing up so fast.  My Aunt and Uncle, Pam and Terry, who live next door come over to help us eat all the food we had!!  I ended up getting the Kindle that I had been asking for since…well…last Christmas!  I LOVE IT!!  I am already onto book #3 since Christmas Eve.  (Note: I am a speed reader so I fly through books like crazy)

Christmas Day we went to my sister’s house for brunch before spending the rest of the afternoon swimming and staying at the hotel in Princeton next to my grandparent’s apartment building.  It was a little different than other x-mas celebrations we have had but over all tons of fun.  The kids all had fun swimming and playing in the pool.

The 26th was also spent with family while I waited to go to Annella’s baptism and dinner with some high school girlfriends on Mon.  It was fun catching up with the girls and getting to spend some time with my BFF as her daughter was baptized.  Honestly one of the highlights of my day though was sitting with at the kids table during the lunch after the baptism service.  Bonny’s nieces and nephews sure did crack me up and we had some very funny conversations as I drew them pictures and we ate our pizza.

The rest of this week has been spent at home prepping for new year’s Eve company.  I did lots of cooking and loved every second of it :)  I cook  A LOT!!! One of the perks of staying with my parents is that I love to cook and my mom doesn’t.  However, she doesn’t mind doing the dishes!!  It works out fabulously!!   Also, my nieces Jada and Saniya stayed with us all week (I brought them back up north with me after my dinner on Monday)  Tanner loved having them around and spent hours watching them play and laughing as they played with him.   It was great to see how nice they played together.

Last night was probably was the most mellow New Year’s Eve celebration I have ever taken part in.  It was a lot of family time and good food.  Tanner and I headed over to bed before midnight.  I had great intentions of counting sheep long before the start of the new year but Tanner had other plans.  He was teething and crying so I spent my new year with a crabby but adorably cute little boy and gave him a New Year’s kiss and Tylenol before putting him to bed…again.

My resolution for 2011 is to NOT be pregnant for ringing in 2012 :)  After 2 years in a row of being pregnant I would really like to at least have a glass of champagne or wine to celebrate.  Plus I can’t imagine 3 babies in 3 years so I better take a ‘tad’ bit longer between “Duece” and #3.

That’s about it for the Northwoods….Oh yah….I almost forgot some other BIG news.  Well, big in my Mommy world anyways- Tanner is now among the mobile.  He has been belly crawling for weeks but this morning he did some ACTUAL crawling.  Coordinating the movement of his hands and feet…together…to move forward!!!  It’s still a little shakey and slow but I bet by this time next week he will be cruising around here like he owns the place.  I can’t WAIT!!!  Better get baby-proofing!!!

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