January 12, 2011

Let’s get real

I feel that most of the time people (myself included) only post the good stuff on their blogs…the good pictures, the good stories, the stuff that makes them look good and like they have completely got their s#* together.  Which I don’t doubt they do…MOST of the time.  Of course the only example I have to go off is myself, but I feel that I am a pretty average example of a woman in her late twenties.  I am college educated, married to the man I love, doing something I love on a daily basis and realize that I have my act together most days but what about the other days???

I started thinking about this more as I looked in the mirror today.  To put it quite simply, I am a HOT MESS!!  Light on the hot- heavy on the mess.  My only saving grace today is that I actually am not wearing the nasty striped pajama pants that I prefer most days but instead a nice pair of maternity yoga pant.  Like I said, that is my ONLY saving grace today.  Other than that, I am wearing a hot pink t-shirt that says “Danube rocks”, my hair is up in a nasty “mom” ponytail that I vowed NEVER to sport (Never say Never I guess), speaking of my hair..I haven’t gotten in professionally done since October, and I don’t have on an ounce of makeup (even to cover these awesome pregnancy zits that popped up yesterday).  I’ll show post a picture soon so you can get the FULL effect.

I am sure I am not the only one who is simply a mess some days.  Maybe for those who work outside the home, they aren’t physically a mess like I am but are an emotional wreck about something, or at their wits end about finances, or kids, or their marriage, or their job, or their in-laws or heaven help you if this is you but-ALL of the above.  My point is that we are “supposed” to have it together and show the world that we can do it all and all the while be happy about it.  Point being here that it’s OK to be a mess sometimes.  Now if this starts spreading into EVERY SINGLE DAY…you might want to rethink some decisions.  For me, I bought myself a prenatal yoga DVD and am getting my hair done this week.  This slobfest I have going on just simply won’t do for much longer.  To all the rest of my fellow bloggers, moms, women and other readers I hope this picture of the REAL me helps you feel better about the REAL you :)  Now here is me today :



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  1. Thanks for your honesty, Heidi! I am currently 1) still in my pj's 2) sporting half frizz & half "straight" hair b/c I slept on it in a wet pony tail last night 3) also not wearing any make-up. I suppose it is one of the luxuries of being a stay at home mom...but I agree with you. I can't let every day be a "hot mess" day...looks like I better take advantage of naptime and fix myself up!! :)