May 20, 2010

New Camera Lens and Flash

I received my new lens and flash for my camera and am now even MORE in love with it. My new photography supplies include a 55-200mm lens a Nikon SB-400 flash and a flash diffuser. I still have so very much to learn but can't wait to learn how to use my camera to take some awesome pictures. I have a great test subject (Tanner) and am going to experiment with my camera and new lens before I attempt to take his 3 month pictures. I already have some great ideas on where to shoot so hopefully I can learn enough to get some really great photos. I can't wait!!
I was just playing around with my flash today and took the picture above. I turn the flash bulb facing up so it still lights up the subject but doesn't wash it out or make Tanner blink his eyes. I LOVE the bright colors it picks up. Tanner loves his tummy time and is getting very accustomed to having his "mamarazzi" constantly taking pictures. (Thanks Amanda for the term..I now know how to label my obsessive picture taking)

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