October 8, 2010

Visitors and practicing for 2

Wednesday my mom came to visit us.  Well, I use the term “us” loosely because her main objective was to visit Tanner.  I realize that I am no longer the main event around here and have been replaced by a cuter and much cuddlier 6 month old.  That is totally alright with me :)  Along with my mom came a VERY welcomed surprise visitor…

My niece Saniya (Sah-Ni (N+eye)-ah) 

Her big sister Jada goes to school now so Saniya got some exclusive Nana time and was able to visit her favorite little cousin!  From what I hear, Jada was more than a little jealous but will have her own time down here with us soon.

While Mom and Saniya were down here we did lots of fun stuff including going to the park, playing outside, going to get pumpkins, and decorating my yard for Halloween.  The GORGEOUS Minnesota fall weather makes is so enjoyable to be outside!

Here are some pictures of Tanner getting pumpkins and swinging at the park(His first time in a real swing)

pumpkins Swinging

Tanner LOVES his Nana and cousin! 


Come back and visit soon!!!


Today, I am babysiting for Paul’s cousin. They have a 2 year old, Oscar.  (His birthday was just on Wednesday)  He is funny, full of life, and provides great entertainment for Tanner.  This morning we watched Barney, colored, played play doh, went for a walk, had a snack, watched Dora and went down for a nap.  (well, the boys did..hence my time to blog)

Here is Oscar making PlayDoh creations :)


***Side Note: the wound is from an earlier date and not on my watch so people CAN trust their children with me***

Tanner watched on with healthy enthusiasm plotting how he can be like Oscar in a few months.


It is a good experiment having a toddler AND and infant in my care….It sorta gives me a great idea to expand this “Quist Club” of ours :)

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