October 14, 2010

Oprah’s Book Club

As you may see to the left, I am currently reading an Oprah book club pick. I can’t wait to tune in and actually know what my girl Oprah is talking about this time. OK..so I have to admit that I am not the MOST loyal Oprah fan, although I do love her. My watching her mainly depends on if it fits into my schedule. I have always LOVED the book club idea. It is not very often where you actually get to see an author go into such depth about what their thought process and intention was while writing a book.

The book is called “Freedom” by Jonathan Franzen. It takes place in Minnesota and has (so far) really kept my attention. The writing is REALLY good. Being the literary snob I can sometimes be, I truly appreciate a good writer (even though “good” is completely a matter of subjectivity). I am also happy to announce that I am almost on pace to finish in time to be ready for the discussion with the author. I talk like I am somehow going to be part of this discussion when in actuality I will be watching it on my DVR and drinking a glass of wine while nodding in simple understanding rather than saying “wow, this book sounds good. I should read it,” like I normally do.

I am really getting into the Oprah book club idea (went to the Book club website and everything) and might have to participate in all the ones on Oprah’s final season. Who’s with me on this one????

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  1. I just finished "The Invisible Mountain", an Oprah magazine 2009 Teriffic Read. I really liked it. Quite a bit deeper than my usual fluff but I'm trying to stretch my reading bubble. I'm feeling inspired to check out the book club idea myself!