October 3, 2010

Adventures in Baby Food

Today I am attempting to make Tanner some homemade baby food.  I really don’t mind buying the premade fruits and veggies for him but the protein or “meal” food just really grosses me out.  PLUS,  I’ve read that to help develop a well rounded eater and get them acquired to the taste of your cooking, you should feed them the same meals you make for yourself- only pureed.  So…Here is today’s adventure in baby food.  I am going to turn this: 

(My Yummy home made Chicken Noodle Soup)


Into a yummy homemade chicken noodle soup puree for my favorite little boy :) DSC_2423

How did I do it????  EASY-

1- Take left over chicken noodle soup out of the fridge (or spaghetti, steamed veggies, etc)

2- Fill up your Magic Bullet 

(I guess a blender would work but the bullet is so easy to use and clean when working with small portions…PLUS they make a mean daiquiri for “Mommy time”)

3-Puree (when you think you’ve pureed enough do a little more for safe measure)

4-Spoon mixture into baby food containers you have saved and freeze

**Gerber has AWESOME plastic baby food containers**



Lightly spray a ice cube tray with Pam and spoon mixture and freeze then place frozen cubed food in freezer bag for storage.

5-Take out and thaw as needed for baby to enjoy:)

Bon Appetite Babies!!!


Can’t wait to make try and convert my other favorite fall dishes into Tanner-friendly food!!!


  1. I made baby food for Lacey - easy, isn't it?
    I wish I had done it for the other two!

  2. isee you used your old baby food containers. when i looked up how to make baby food it said not to use them bc they didnt hold up to freezer burn? Just wondering how they are working for you bc I saved them but didnt use em. I just did the ice cube and then put it into freezer bags. corey