October 6, 2010

6 Month Stats

Tanner went to the doctor yesterday for his 6 month check up.  He got his shots (including a flu shot) and was feeling a little icky yesterday but is back to his normal self today.  He’s such a happy baby.  Here are his 6 month stats:

Height:  27 inches  75th%

Weight: 19 lbs 8 oz  80th%

Head Circumference: 45.5 cm 90th%

 DSC_2428 DSC_2429 DSC_2430 DSC_2432 DSC_2434 DSC_2435 DSC_2436 DSC_2437

Happy and Healthy…Just how I like it!!


Also, a side note:  With our busy summer and my travels, I had gotten away from using cloth diapers.  Tanner grew out of the first size and I never ordered the next size up.  However, I am HAPPY to report that we got our shipment of medium (15-30lbs) diapers and Tanner is digging the cozy cloth once again.  Anyone interested in going cloth- I HIGHLY recommend Green Mountain Diapers for your diapering needs.  We do organic prefolds, with hemp and cotton doublers and cute waterproof covers.  I feel so much better that we are actually using cloth again.  I was really seeing the effect of disposables…both in our garbage can each week as well as our packet book.  This size should last the rest of his diapering years!!

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