November 2, 2010


It’s official- Paul, Tanner and I are packing up and moving.  Where you ask???  Roughly 200 miles N-NE of Danube-To Moose Lake/Barnum/Duluth area.  It is something we have been tossing around for a while and earlier this month decided to make the leap and just go for it.  We talked about if we could live anywhere else in the state where would we choose, and we both said Duluth.  We will be staying with my mom and dad until we sell our house in Danube and find a property of our own to buy.   Paul has been scoping out job prospects in the electrical field and is excited to be using his schooling and his full potential.  I am tossing around the idea of going back to school to get my teaching license so I will be certified to teach grades 5-12.  We are very excited about the changes we are making.

I am not going to sugar coat or lie about the reasons for our big move.  The main reason was that things were not working out in Danube.  We have made some great friends but were not being treated with love and respect from Paul’s father, who Paul has been farming with.  It is just too hard to thrive in a situation with so much negativity and is not an environment we want to have our children be around. We also want to be closer to a supportive network of family.  They say it takes a village and we are firm believers in this.  Right now the closest support we have is from Paul’s mom and Stepdad who are great but still an hour away.   My brother and sister and their families are 2.5 hours away and my parents at the moment are 3.5 hours away.  We are excited to be extremely close to family and are sure that the cabin and my parents new house in Barnum will be flooded with family visitors year round- enough to fill our family fix.

Along with the excitement also comes fear of the unknown, and an overwhelming amount of work it is going to take to pack up a house and move with a 7month old baby.  I must note that we are doing this all within the next month, so overwhelming may be an understatement to describe my feelings at the moment.  There is also the fact that we are going from having our own house and plenty of space for our family of 3 to living with my parents.  It will be an adjustment for sure.  I am just very fortunate to have parents who are so supportive and willing to help us out.  (I personally think my mom is looking forward to having the company and getting to spend so much time with Tanner)

  I don’t think it is an easy decision we have made, but in the long run will be a decision that is best for our family.  Paul and I have the view that we are good people and hard workers so things will just end up working out for us. We (ok MAINLY ME) are trying to maintain our normally laid back attitudes through this whole change and keep thinking about the positives. 

On to our next big adventure…

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