November 18, 2010

Up North Fun

So far I have been up north for 1 week.  We are still getting organized but, surprisingly, feel like we have enough space for the 3 of us.  Like I said in an earlier post, it isn’t easy going from a 3 bedroom house of you own to shacking up with your parents.  But like I also keep saying, it will be the best for us in the long run and is proving to be rather nice staying up here in Barnum.  It is also REALLY nice to have my mom around to help with Tanner.  If he wasn’t spoiled before with all the constant attention he got from Paul and me, he sure will be now with Nana and Grandpa La La (as dubbed by Jada and Niya).  Also the flood visiting deer hunters is pretty nice too. 

Anyone who enjoys deer hunting knows that it is not just for the possibility of getting that big deer that draws you out.  It’s all the fun that you have at deer camp.   Here’s some pictures of some of the fun we had last weekend.

Here are the guys sitting by our nice cozy, little campfire.  I am pretty sure that Josh (far right) and Barron (far left) are complaining about the heat scorching their backsides in this.  Paul and my brother Nolan don’t look too phased.  Maybe their CCL (Cold Coors Light) is helping. DSC_0193

It’s a little dark but here is a picture of al of us girls.  Back row: Ashley (cousin), Makayla (niece) and Lindsey (cousin)  Front Row: Saniya (niece), Me, Jada (niece) DSC_0200

Saniya playing in the snow.DSC_0181

Jada standing on the start of our GIANT snowman.DSC_0183


Good work guys and gals!!  (just to give a frame of reference- My brother-2nd to left- stands about 6 feet 3 inches)  DSC_0205

The finished product complete with arms and beer can eyes.  Not as wholesome as Frosty but you get the idea. DSC_0215

Of course the next NATURAL thing to do in a snow storm is ride dirtbike… oh wait…it’s not???

Here’s Josh (family friend and master mullet man)


Barron- “Hey Heidi, If I ride this around will you take some pictures of me??”
Looking good Barron! (cousin)


Hope you all had as much fun in the snow as we did!!!  There was also a giant snow fight that broke out but that was my cue to take my expensive camera and take cover in the house!!

Till next time from the North Woods-



  1. Glad you made it to the northwoods! You'll love it there!

  2. Hey big buck hunter, I still haven't seen a picture of your deer!