November 20, 2010

COMING IN DEC....12 Day of Christmas Cookies

What is this about you ask?? Well, I have been thinking about things to blog about and decided to take on a a Christmas project and blog about it. Every year, I usually host a cookie bake at my house, but since I am prepping my house to go on the market and don't technically live there right now, is seems logistically impossible to host a bake this year. Instead I will be doing my cookie baking and blogging about it. Starting Dec 1st is my 12 days of Christmas Cookies. These aren't going to be your Grandma's chocolate chips either. I am abandoning all that is comfortable and known to me in the world of baking (Classic peanut butter kiss, sugar cut-outs, and spritz) and making 12 days of cookies that I have never attempted to make before. Here's where you come in. I am taking suggestions for fabulous, fun, possibly daunting and time consuming cookies. Paul has already been scanning the cook books and giving me suggestions. (After I explained to him that brownies were NOT cookies, he grudgingly took the 3 types of brownies off the list) Please e-mail me @ with any recipes you may want to see but never had the ambition or time to tackle yourself :) I will be making roughly 6 dozen of each cookie.

I will post the recipes and pictures of my final projects as they are produced. I will also be honest about the time and ease of the recipe so I can either encourage or warn other Christmas cookie bakers about it. Side note to family and friends- like what you see or not, you may just be getting a gift basket of these cookie creations. There is no way I am going to spend my Dec eating 72 dozen cookies :)

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