November 5, 2010

Weekend Plans- Deer Hunting Opener Up North

Yes, I hunt. I am a hippie who likes to go deer hunting- I am a very complex girl. Actually my whole family goes deer hunting including: my mom, dad, brother, grandpa, aunts, uncles, cousins and husband. Every year my mom and dad host opener up at there place in Barnum. It is lots of fun family time, filled with spirited competition about who will get the first and biggest deer. I actually just went hunting myself for the first time last year, until then I had always just gone out and sat with my grandpa in his comfy shack where he sits in warm luxury while the other hunters freeze their hinnies off sitting 12 feet up in a tree. Now I am one of those stooges who are decked out in blaze orange with a frozen bum.

I have been prepping all week (by prepping I mean mainly sitting on my couch/playing with Tanner thinking about how much stuff I have to pack/cook). This morning, the van is ready to get packed (Paul's job since I do EVERYTHING else) and we are ready to hit the road with all the rest of the MN hunters. Wish me luck!! I hope I have good news to report on Monday when I get back!

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