November 24, 2010

Winter Rush...

First off let me start by saying that I don't LOVE driving in the snow but I definitely don't mind it. I can see why all these crazy Minnesotans are afraid of it...It's these darn weather men. They get a hard-on for the impending snow and it's all they can talk about for days on end--changing the amounts, the areas of the heaviest snowfall, when it is going to arrive, etc. Yes, it is going to snow and yes it is STILL Thanksgiving. Take your time getting to your holiday destinations and you will be just fine people :) I'm not saying it's completely stress-free traveling in the snow but don't we have years and years of practice at this sort of thing, and MILLIONS of dollars worth of state equipment to clear our roads???? Relax, take your time, and enjoy the beautiful winter scenery that mother-nature provides. Most of all have a very happy Thanksgiving spent with people who fill your hearts and homes with lots and lots of love.
From the Northwoods-

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