March 31, 2011

12 Month Stats

Yesterday Tanner had his 12 month checkup and vaccinations.  He was a really well behave little boy until the nurse started with the shot business.  Then you would have thought that someone was cutting off his pinky by the way he screamed.  Poor Boy :(  Then he had to continue to milk it and fake cry, pushing out a pathetic attempt at real crying, every time anyone looked at him and gave him sympathy.  It was actually quite funny at that point.  He’s such a little ham.  Anyways, here are his height and weight stats:

Height: 30 inches 55%

Weight: 23lbs 7 oz 58%

Head circ: 19inches 92%

He’s also learned sooooo much in the past couple months.  It seems like everyday he is doing something new and surprising us.  Here are some of 1 year old “tricks”:

High Fives

Dancing (to ANY music he hears)-video of that coming soon



Laughing when we laugh (even though he has no clue why we are laughing)

Noises he can make: Truck (pushes his cars and rumbles his lips), cow, kitty, roaring for tigers/lions

Words he can say (or at least mimic): Bye-Bye, Bath , Mama, Dada, Num-nums (eating), cup, Nana, Night-night

Standing unassisted but still too timid to take steps on his own (which is funny because he has absolutely no fear when it comes to climbing up onto things or crawling off beds, couches etc)

Throwing mini tantrums when he doesn’t get his way (laying down and crying)

Fake Crying

Using a spoon to pick up food (getting it to his mouth is a different story)

I can’t wait to see what he does today!!

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