March 15, 2011

I fell off the wagon

For a while I was really good about always having my camera out and ready to capture pictures whenever the moment struck me…BUT I have since fallen off the picture taking wagon.  I don’t think I have had my camera out for a couple weeks now.  Boy did I miss some doozeys too!!   The girls (my nieces) were up last week and cute as ever but guess who didn’t take any pictures?  This girl.  Tanner has been climbing up on anything he can lift his little legs up onto and guess who didn’t take any pictures?  This girl.  I met one of my best friend’s adorably small and precious newborn twin boys and guess who didn’t have their camera??!?!?!?!  THIS GIRL!!!  WTF right???

I am so mad at myself for not capturing some really great moments!!!  Therefore, I am vowing to bring out my cute camera bag today and carting it around with me like a purse so I always have it ready to take pictures of the fabulous things in life…or at least the things that I find fabulous…

1 comment:

  1. And you all always laughed at me that I always had a camera in my purse....well guess who has a picture of pretty much every memory of high school and college....THIS GIRL!