March 22, 2011

Waiting for my 1 year old

Tanner is 1 today!!!  I know ALL moms say this but I can hardly believe it.  The year has really zoomed by and it seemed like yesterday I was in the hospital (for 36 hours..might I add) about ready to deliver my little sweet baby.  Now I am just waiting for him to get up so I can bust out my vide camera and hopefully catch him dancing in his crib while I sing him “Happy Birthday”.  I don’t think I could have custom ordered a better baby.  Since the day he was born, Tanner has been content, happy, secure and very loving- Just a very “chill” little person.  I don’t think I realized how lucky I was until I started noticing other “typical” baby behavior out of other babies in my life.  These babies are by no means “difficult” or even super fussy but have really made me realize just how easy I had it made with Tanner.  (Here’s crossing my fingers for Deuce to be similar) 

I am sad that Tanner is turning into such a little boy and less and less of a baby everyday.  At the same time I am overwhelmed with excitement to see what his toddler years bring.  If only he would wake up….

PS..Pics and videos will be posted later.  I just thought I would take advantage of my snoozing birthday boy to get a post done.

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  1. My oldest son is very "chill". He wasn't into toys as a baby. He loved books and stuffed animals. Now, he likes to quietly play with his train and get read to. He worries about "falling" and is overly cautious. My youngest.... is the total opposite of chill. He is SUPER happy and has one heck of a crazy/funny personality! His wild curly hair matches him perfectly. He has zero fear. >:D thats my little evil laugh for you~ haha.

    Happy Birthday, Tanner! Welcome to the wonderful world of One!!!!!