March 3, 2011

It Sucked me in…

Since 40 million votes were cast the last two nights for American Idol, I know I am not the only one watching it this year.  I usually don’t jump in and start watching it until it’s down to the Top 10 or so but since sneaky Fox network replaced my beloved Glee with Idol on Tuesday…it sucked me in!!!   I vowed not to watch it this year, but hey I guess it is better than “The Bachelor.”  A bonus this year is that there is no skin-tight black tees being sported by any of the judges (a la Simon Cowel style).  However, Steven Tyler’s bright colored, puff,y pirate shirts and hair feathers are enough to keep me entertained..oh yeah and they have some great singers this year too.  I can’t wait to pick my favorite and get depressed when they get kicked off.  Gotta go…Idol is on!!!   

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