March 19, 2011

Tanner Loves his books

Out of all the toys, gadgets and one year old goodness laying around our house.  Tanner continually goes to his books to play and “read”(flipping pages of books and jibber-jabbering like he is reading).  I suppose part of it is because I have literally been reading to him every night since he was  a month old, but the rest I think is just his preference.  Yesterday he climbed INTO his basket of books, found a comfy spot to sit and read away.  Hope his love of reading and books is a lifelong trend.

Reading away

(notice the FANCY book bin..aka old laundry basket that I was going to throw out but found a use for)


Hey…What are you taking my picture for??

DSC_0677’re interrupting my quiet time.

(Note: the Heidi book by his legs from my sister)


How do I get out of here??


I’ll just look out the window instead.


Hi Mommy!!!


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