March 2, 2011

Getting Better

Tanner has been battling colds, fever, etc for the better part of a month.  Finally last Friday I decided to take him in and get him checked out.  Poor boy had a double ear infection :(  I felt so bad because other than a little extra fussiness, he really didn’t have any other symptoms more than the common cold.  OOPS…you live and learn.  A day after being on antibiotics, he perked right up and was even more well behaved and happier than I could remember.  I just hope the little guy wasn’t suffering for too long. 

In fact, Tanner is feeling better just in time for me to develop the awesome symptoms  of his nasty cold that helped cause his ear infection.  If anyone has been pregnant with a cold, you know it is quite possibly one of the worst things ever.  You can’t take any medications therefore are left to stew in all the sweet symptoms that crop up.  BOO to that!!   I wish I could curl up in bed and sleep until I felt better BUT since mommy’s don’t get sick days, I am powering through.

I am just glad I didn’t start getting REALLY sick until after I had spent a few fun days babysitting my 3 month old nephew-Caiden- and meeting up with some girlfriends from high school for a nice Sunday brunch.  I don’t have pictures right now but my bestie Bonny took some and I will steal some from her as soon as she posts them on facebook.  Our brunch group consisted of our EVER growing group as the baby boom continues.  There was Jen, her 11 month old Eva, Carrie, her 11 month old Ayla, Me (Deuce coming June), Tanner, Bonny and her 5 month old Annella, Anne (Baby Girl McConnell coming in July), Malinda (Baby A coming in August), and Jessie (Baby Carpenter coming in Sept).  The baby hormones were FLYING around and I noticed that they set us a little ways from the other patrons.  Perhaps they were afraid that whatever was going on with all of us with our babies and baby bumps was contagious :)

Seriously, there is really nothing more fun than sharing motherhood with the same girls that you have known since junior high.  We only get together once every couple months or so but when we do, it is always nice to catch up and talk about our lives and the surprising similarities that we could have never guessed would keep us connected 10 years after high school.  It’s definitely good for my heart and soul to meet with these girls whenever I can.  Good medicine!!

Speaking of medicine…I better try and get some sleep as visions of Nyquil and Sudafed dance through my head-teasing me.  I guess I will just Netti pot, hydrate, and cross my fingers that this bug flies away tomorrow. 

Good night from the Northwoods.

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